Chengkang Rehabilitation Co.,Ltd consists of three medical technology companies : Beijing Meyazone Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Chengkang Rehabilitation Co., Ltd and Jiangsu Chengkang Rehabilitation Co., Ltd. ,which were founded successively since 2001. As a technology trade enterprise, Chengkang Rehab is always focus on R & D, production, agents, sales and service in the field of rehabilitation in China. Our direct sale and distributor network covers all over China, and we establis
Mission: Provide quality products and services,continue create hope and better life by the rehabilitation path Vision: Become the leader of China Medical Rehabilitation Group. Core Value: ◎Customers come first- Orientated by customer requests,keep create values for customers. ◎Progressive—Keep learning,keep improvement,let ChengKang Rehabilitation Company become an enterprising type enterprise. ◎Integrity- with Sincerity,truthfulness,keep faith。 ◎Responsibility- courage to take respo
美国Chattanooga公司体外冲击波治疗系统是世界上唯一一款全自动冲击波产品,触摸式液晶屏技术,人性化操作系统设计,采用世界上独一无二的最佳能量能级调节方法,确保治疗效果及安全性。 此款体外冲击波治疗系统属医用发散式冲击波治疗仪器,其应用科室十分广泛,主要有骨科学、风湿病学、物理治疗学、体育俱乐部、针灸疗法、美容美体等领域,几乎涵盖可能产生疼痛的所有情况。
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